The Hippies Cupboard Mission

My passion for Crystals and Jewelry started when I began my spiritual journey many years ago. My love for nature and creation helps me bring my spirit back to its center, that is my intention for my customers.

Every gem, item or piece of art is brought into my collection with you in mind, to help each of us stay aligned.

Spread love to one another, I welcome you to The Hippies Cupboard!

Jewelry & Gems

  • Intricate Passion

    From time to time I will hand wrap beautiful gems and minerals in intricate imaginative designs.

    The Necklace above I call "Samurai"

  • Gem Collector

    I strive to bring quality Gems and high vibe specimens to the collection. Crystals for personal intention and Crystals for crafters.

    Everything you see in my collection has been gathered with purpose! Each Stone, Crystal and Gem is ethically sourced and bought with high standards.

  • Creative Outlook

    My perception of creativity is similar to a seed planted in a garden, it starts with the mind sprouting the idea and my hands are the water that help the flower of the creative work bloom.

    Not only do I do this art for you, but I do this art for the peace of mind that comes with each twist, bend and weave. Each piece I craft is an extension of who I am.

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